Kizmit Cat

Kizmit the Cat, the wonderful wonderful cat. You'll laugh so hard your sides will ache, your heart'll go pitter-pat, when you're watch-ing. Kizmit The Cat.

Tower Climbing

Preparing to take down the Rohn 25 tower that is now in our back yard. You can always get a tower for free, but then it costs you a thousand dollars for the additional stuff you need to actually put it back up and equip it with aluminum.


Recent Activities

The shack is all taken apart at the moment due to a rearrangement of the shelving that holds everything. We are shutting off the DSL line, so we get the Internet via cable now. We have rented a server and have had to move all the web sites and rewrite all the programming to adapt to the new environment. Been working on that for about a month now...


Server Data

For various reasons we had to abandon the servers we have had in the house here for 12 years. The new 'rented' server runs on CentOS 7 and has the following software installed: Perl, PHP, Apache, Postfix, Mailman, Webalizer and more...